Questland is Gamesture’s beloved first child, a first person perspective online RPG in the tradition of dungeon crawler that we’ve put all of our hearts into. Our players can choose in millions of character building options, craft their own armor, assemble unique gear collections and manage their battle strengths fighting merciless monsters. They can also challenge other players to PvP combat, join leagues or events, make in-game purchases and many many more.

Questland’s massive audience and dynamic environment requires managing a huge data base, constant live feedback and daily changes.
That’s why working on the game is an ongoing challenge with many surprises; a kind of job that never gets dull.


We are a team of people who truly love gaming, and want their
work to reflect that.

That’s why Gamesture’s goal is creating high quality, immersive mobile experience. Not simply games, but virtual worlds; wast universes with detailed, inspiring design.

We believe that work should feel good, especially when it’s your passion. We have big ambitions, we constantly learn, yet we keep our office casual and relaxed. Less crunch, more individual approach – we choose those solution which work best for our employees and their comfort.




Dev Team is all about adventure and challenge.

Games we create are available worldwide; such wide platform requires a lot of flexibility, experimenting and – most of all – the ability to learn from your own mistakes.

We truly believe that you don’t need a huge team to create something big. We don’t accept the artificial divide between „game architects” and „builders”. Every person in our team is treated as an individualist, a co-author of the platform with own, good ideas and valuable input.


Create worlds, that players will lose themselves into – that’s our task.

Questland Art Team consist of true artists with a drive to bring the most crazy and challenging game ideas to life. We craft exciting environments and memorable characters without sacrificing usability. We bump heads discussing armor design and clash ideas to create friendly interfaces that really support gameplay.

Few people, full color palette and one goal – epic digital content.


Live operations on an open heart of the game – that’s our thing.

This team is the embodiment of change.
We are responsible not only for the game mechanics but also narrative and storyline. It’s a crazy mix but works surprisingly well, especially in our organized chaos.

We are always observing, improving, optimizing and adding new data. Since our games are based mainly on dynamic content, we are always ready to react. Our projects are live organisms, they evolve to suit needs of modern players. That’s why we learn from the best on the market, adapt fast and base our actions on feedback analysis.


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A comfortable, geek friendly office with a gaming touch and a lot of private space

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MultiSport card xd, private health care, fresh breakfasts and much more

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Direct feedback from hundreds of thousands live users

Icon of Influence | Benefits


Real impact on a f2p game at every stage of development

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Learning business approach in booming game development

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Non-corporate, flat structure with individual approach to each employee